SeeZis Media is a promising and fast-growing media company engaged in creation and promotion of author video content on YouTube.

Our Team are not only experienced and skilled professionals having proven track records in the field of creation and promotion of video content, but before everything else – passionate enthusiasts!

Our Aim is to help you become successful!

We do not rest on laurels and are always poised for change. Our Team are constantly working to find and improve new mechanisms of author content promotion. We are ready to share our results with young creators, help them unlock their potential not only for viewers, but also for advertisers.

SeeZis Media Company specializes not only in creation and promotion of author content. In addition, our Team have developed several interesting projects for you: platform SeeZisKids and Kivitu for children, as well as SeeZisNet – a partner program.

SeeZisKids is a platform for children’s video content. The site offers children’s entertaining and educational videos from SeeZis Media for kids of all ages.

Kivitu - fun, exciting and educational kid blogs and funny kids videos about nursery rhymes, challenges, toy cars, baby dolls, indoor playgrounds for kids, and other fun topics for kids.

SeeZisNet is a partner program for Kivitu platform.

Video content creation, promotion and distribution - that’s SeeZis Media